Ok all the photos from the Ayacon’s Photo Shoot is now done! You can most of them in the gallery section and you can see all the rest on my Flickr page!

If you want to buy photo prints or gifts etc then please contact me and I will send you a price list of what I can do!

Next up is the masquerade photos. That will take a little bit longer since I have taken over 1300+ photos for the masquerade. But I will get that done a.s.a.p! If you was in the masquerade then I will have a shots of each one that walked there.

Ok first, I kinda forgot to make a page and add the photos for the MCM Manchester Expo which happened back in July. But I’ve created it now and most of the photos are there now. To see the complete list of all the photos, you can find them in my Flickr page!

Next is about the Ayacon photos. I have completed editing all the photos from the friday photo shoot and I’ve already created a page for that too and I’ve uploaded most of the photos. Again you can find the rest on my Flickr page. I will be going through the photos from Sunday’s photo shoot soon. Please not that there is no photos of Saturday photo shoot as I did not do any on Saturday as I was not feeling too well through most of the day. So apologies to those who wanted photos taken by me on that day but there were two other photographers avaliable there to take your photos.

Well I’ve got back home about an hour ago. This is just only gonna be a short blog. As I only got back home about an hour ago. It took a long time to get back home from Warwick University and I also chilled out at my friends place for a bit before heading off home. So I will do a full blog about Ayacon tomorrow (or whenever I recovered).

I’ve had a quick look at some of the photos. Most of them looks great and there are some that I could of improve on but I did the best I could with what I had. Next time I will have better stuff to get the best shots for you all! And the same again with the photos, I will get them done tomorrow or when I have recovered!

Ok I didn’t had time last night to write up a blog about the 2nd day of Ayacon so I will update you with the details today and another blog about day 3 tonight or tomorrow!

I wasn’t feel good that morning since the night before as I saw some thing I didn’t want to see and it made me feel really unwell so I couldn’t do any studio photography that day which I was a bit upset and the weather wasn’t at the best, it was cloudy and it rained. I did managed to take photos at the masquerade and there was a lot of fantastic cosplayers that entered the stage! But I missed out a lot of the shots where the cosplayers wearing long dresses or shirts do a swirl and when they jump. I missed out on those action shots sadly.

I checked out the rave party at the student union building next door but I didn’t think it was small. It was crowded at the center stage so there wasn’t a lot of space to move around. So I only stayed there for around 5 minutes left the building and went back to the Games Room.

So overall, it wasn’t that busy that day in my opinion but it did rain and everybody was hiding away from the rain. I didn’t do any studio shoots that night but I had a fantastic time shooting the masquerade show! And I didn’t think the party was that great. So now there is one day left of the con.

Well day one of Ayacon is almost finished now, about 30 mins left of it from the time I’ve written this blog. I had trouble setting up my studio lights since I don’t have proper studio lights. I’ve got 2x Nikon SB-600 and I borrowing couple of studio flash lights from the¬†committee. Which I am really grateful of them! But I had a lot of trouble setting them up and I was doing High-Key photography since I have a fabric backdrop and it was all creased up and it looked very bad on the shots. But with help from other photographers, I managed to get it done and in time for the photoshoots! But it was pretty quiet at the start so I took my camera off and was about to set of to do some shots outside but then I got some people that wanted a shoot so I had to connect every thing back together but it all went wrong again. Wasted over half hour trying to fix it and again I got help from the other photographers which again I am grateful of their help!

Even with having problems at the beginning, I still had a great time and it was some good experience doing some photography shoots! So now I’ve got tomorrow to do the photo shoots again and I have been told it will be a lot more busier!

Oh wow, how time sure does flys! Can’t believe it’s only tomorrow I will be setting off to Ayacon! I’m really excited for this one as I couldn’t go to the last one as I only found out about Ayacon couple of weeks before it started. So no chance of going back then! But now I will be able to come.

I will have my own studio set up there along with couple of other photographers there. I think I will be at or near the Cosplay HQ so if you can’t find me, you can always ask the staff! I won’t be taking any booking so it’s first come, first served process. I won’t be doing any printing services there unfortunately as I can’t afford the Dealer Membership and it would be a lot of hassle carrying my printer, inks and photo papers etc to the location. So if you want prints I can do it after the convention. It’s probably better that way as I can go through the photos and edit them if required.

I’ve summited 10 of my photos to be put on display at Ayacon along with some other photographers. I dunno how many photographers have done this. I only know a few so far but there could be quite a lot! So you will see mine and many other photographer’s photo on display at Ayacon!

So if you’re coming to Ayacon tomorrow, then I will see you all there!

Ok I’ve got the photos from the Final Fantasy XIII shoot I did back in June uploaded here on my website and as usual you can find them in the Galleries section! We all had a fantastic time over there in Yorkshire Dales though we couldn’t get to the actual location we orignally plan to go and shoot and we did had problems finding a petrol station that was open. We wasted a lot of time looking for one and it wasn’t easy since we’re not local. We had some missing cast since some couldn’t get time off work and one ended up ill on the day, so it couldn’t be help.

We will be doing another Final Fantasy XIII shoot again in September! We’re doing again with all the cast at Yorkshire Dales again and do it before the summer ends!

OK photos from the MCM London Expo May 2011 is done and ready to view! You can find it in the Cosplay section under the Galleries page! Had a great time there. The weather wasn’t as nice as last years and it did rain abit but only during the night time. I didn’t get any photos of random cosplayers apart from the masquerade since I was really busy doing my photoshoot bookings. That didn’t go very smoothly. Had few people missing since I couldn’t get in touch with them as they are from aboard and some reason I couldn’t ring their mobile, saying I’ve dialed wrong or it doesn’t exist. And the biggest problem I had was the location. I was too focused on doing a studio style shoot. Most shots turned out great and at the same time I didn’t like them. Yes I am fussy with my shots. If I did this again I’ll do it outside shots as well and do less bookings! I felt like I’ve missed out a lot when I saw other people’s photos of the Expo.

Right, next up is the Final Fantasy XIII Shoot I did back in June!

Ok I’ve just added the photos from the Kitacon III Convention which was back in April 1st-3rd 2011 at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham, UK. Had a fantastic time over there. It was my 2nd cosplay convention and my first Kitacon I’ve been too and I can’t wait to go again for Kitacon IV next year!

The next batch of photos I will uploading is the MCM London Expo which was on last May this year.

Well that was a fun, interesting Expo! And quite tiring one too but I think it was because I only had less than few hours sleep. I was up pretty late as I forgot to charge my batteries for my flash guns and I have 5 sets of 4x AA batteries! That’s 20 AA batteries in total btw! I woke at 5:00am, got the 06:13am train to Manchester Oxford Road and got there in Manchester just after 7:00am! I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and inside at the counter I saw Lauzy-Jayne and Koutetsucosplaying as Barnaby and Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny. I walked up to Lauzy-Jayne from behind and gave her a gentle hug lol! It didn’t surprise her to tell you the truth, it’s like she was expecting it any time and wanting it and there was Silzeron the opposite side! It was great seeing them lot again specially Lauzy-Jayne as she lives in Birmingham and Koutetsu lives in London! We just chilled and relax while eating our breakfast and catching up on time! We headed off to the G-Mex Center (which btw is the old name of the building, I cba typing it’s new name. It’s too long…) and we got there after 8:00am and there was a small queue, probably around 50 or so people already there.

When I eventually got inside the Expo space was pretty damn small.. the Midland Expo is a lot bigger but being it’s the first Manchester Expo I think they were playing it safe. It is pretty damn expensive hiring hall space and it was only a 1 day event. It got really crowded later in the afternoon and it was really really difficult to walk around the place and if I knew it was gonna be like this, I would seriously not recommeded any to come if they were bringing their pram, people with walking problems ie walking stick, wheel chairs etc. It was hard for me since I had a large camera bag and a monopod attached to the side. Luckly I already walked around checking out the place before it got really crowded so I already know where I want to walk to.

Most of the time I just hanging around at the DDR:UK and the cosplay desk. I saw Street-Angel there as she was helping out for anyone that needs questions about the cosplay, masquerade and anyone with costume fixing/repairing. And she was one of the two cosplay judges which was her first time and I think she did a fantastic job! She and the other judge did the pre-judging of the cosplayer’s costume and judging everybody that entered the masquerade. It’s a fun and exciting job to do but it can also be nerve recking but shes being doing this a lot now so shes got experience under the belt!

I think it was around after 2:30pm where I went to the side of the stage area checking out the area to look for a spot to sit for the masquerade. I saw Firefox23111981 at the center of the seating area. We was watching the Anjli Mohindra talk. She played as Anjli Mohindra in the Sarah Jane Adventures. After her talk was finished me and Firefox23111981 just chatted about the shots we got so far and deciding where to sit for the masquerade. We decided that one pick either side so I picked the left side of the stage and he took the right. I tried not to get too close to the stage as I don’t have a lens wide enough to be up close. The widest I got is 28mm. And I tried not to leave a big gap between me and the stage as I wanted to get good shots without anyone in front of me, luckly there was only couple of small children in front of me so it was ok. But after the masquerade I think I should sit on the chair next time as I was too low for the shots, I didn’t had a lot of space to stretch my legs and my ass was getting numb!

So after the masquerade I did more photoshoots with the Sailor Moon group which had Street-Angel as Sailor Pluto (I think), Cheetosftw as Sailor Uranus and Navigatorxnami as Sailor Neptune (I hope I got that right, I’ve not watched it since I was a lil kid!) And after that most of we went to Street-Angel’s hotel room at the Novotel which I must say it’s a pretty damn nice room! They got changed and we went to town to get some thing to eat. We thought buffet was a good idea and I recommended two buffets, the City Buffet or the China Buffet. We ended up in China Buffet which I regret because the place was small, there are no open windows or ventilation so it was really hot and stuffy because of the food heaters and our table was right next to it. I think me and Berserk667 ate the same amount of food. I ate three plates but he had more food on his two place but I had ice cream for dessert!

So after the meal we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Mystcb for a drink. I still kept thinking how nice the hotel is lol. So we all sat there catching up and gave in our thoughts about the Manchester Expo. And for the lulz me, Mystcb and Kagen-No-Tsuki got our driving licences out and I held all three together to combine them into the asian driving licence group! There was a commotion going on near the reception area and we thought it was few people messing about, trying to run away from their friends. But it turned out that it was one or two guys running away, being chased down and getting beaten up. Couple of the guest was nearby and ran away. Luckly it didn’t last very long and the bullies ran away. It took a while for the police to come down. We was pretty shocked to see that and it’s been a while since I last saw a fight like that. The manager came up to us later and apologies to us about it. We just shrugged it off and said it was fine. It’s a Saturday night in Manchester, it’s bound to happen!

Me, Berserk667 and kagen-no-tsuki couldn’t stick around through the night as we need to get our trains back home! So we bid them our farewells and dashed to Manchester Oxford Road Station. It was sad to leave them but I will be seeing them all again at the Ayacon in couple of weeks!

So overall I think the Manchester Expo turned out ok. Had a great time with all my friends. It would be much better if they get more space at next Manchester Expo! That’s the only bad points I can think of. I will be going through the edting of my photos soon and upload them on my Flickr account first and then onto my dA account and onto my new website here! Thanks for reading and see you next time!