Day 3 of Ayacon and the last one too. I felt a bit better and I managed to eat some breakfast this time!

Before I started doing the studio shoots, I had another look at my studio to see what’s wrong with it and how I can improve the shots. First I had to move the backdrop forward because behind it they was doing the cosplay judging for the masquerade on Saturday and again on Sunday I think. So I had to move that so I can get some room to place the studio lights behind the backdrop. Next was to get the backdrop level and straighten up because I notice that the light wasn’t hitting at the bottom of the backdrop. Using fabric backdrop isn’t the best to be honest.

When I got some cosplayers asking for photos, the shot was better this time. Not perfect, just better. But I can fix all that in Lightroom. I got told that the Cosplay HQ room was closing at 5:45pm so they can get ready to attend the Closing Ceremony. At first I was ok with that but then I had a bit of a queue wanting photos taken from me. So I had to quickly get all their photos taken, I didn’t want to dissappoint them by telling them ‘Sorry, I can’t take any more photos now, I’m closing!”. I did managed to get all their photos taken and quickly packed my camera gear and headed straight to the Butterworth Hall where the Closing Ceremony and Sunday Night Live are held. I managed to make it with 5 minutes to spare. With that spare time I wanted to try do a panoramic shot of the crowds. I didn’t bring my tripod or my monopod so I had to do it by hand. And this is the result I got after stitching them together!

See if you can spot yourself!

I think the Closing Ceremony started soon as I got off the stage but I don’t know if that was true or not. I just remember taking that last shot, soon as I stood up the guy (who I can’t remember the name) just started talking on the mic. There was a lot of thanks to all the people that was part of Ayacon like the guests, the two bands, DJs, photographers, commites and announcement of the auction on how much they raised and they got the gophers with bags to go around asking people to add more to the donation. I put in £20 in the bag. Then they announced the winners of the masquerade. I can’t seem to find a list of winners from Aya but I know the grand prize for the 2nd place to represent UK for the EuroCosplay competition finals at the MCM London Expo in October is theKillingDoll for his Priss Asagiri costume from Bubblegum Crisis! Big congrats to him! And before the Closing Ceremony ended they announced some future Con’s. There’s Kitacon 4 which is next year April and they also announced a Kitacon 3.5 which is on Sept 23rd in Central London which by the way I won’t be able to go due to money and I doubt I can get time off work in such short notice now. And Amecon 2012 at Keele University. Yes I will be attending to Amecon next year! And that’s all for the Closing Ceremony, next they started the Sunday Night Live performance. There was some funny and fantastic performance. I’m sure you can find some videos of it on Youtube by now.

My overall thoughts on Ayacon 2011. Yes I had a great time regardless of me being ill, missing out a lot things like some panels, doing some photography outside, live band performance etc. I admit I need a lot of improvements my studio shoot and organization. I didn’t come 100% fully prepared. For starters, I didn’t have my own studio lights and I only had two flash guns which I can shoot wirelessly but I still had to borrow Nert’s studio lights which I am thankful of him. I did had problems with setting up the lighting as I was aiming for a ‘high-key’ photography shots (which was also my first time doing that kind of shoot) since my backdrop was creased up, and I don’t have a iron to iron the crease up but even if I did had one my back drop is 3 meters wide and 6 meters long! I didn’t have any softboxes which I prefer to having umbrellas, I didn’t test the exposure properly as I didn’t have a light meter reading device and I could of borrowed one from the other photographers but I didn’t because I forgot. So in future at the next Kitacon or Amecon etc. I will be investing on my own studio lights and getting some better backdrops, I’m already looking into getting roller blinds as a backdrop which I was advice on by Xaerael. Many thanks to him as well!

So I look forward to the next Ayacon in 2013! The next cosplay event I will be attending is the MCM London Expo in October 28th-30th. I probably won’t be doing any booked photo shooting slots like I did in the last Expo in May but if I do some booking slots, it won’t be as many like last time. I will announce more detail about that soon!

Ok sorry for the long delay. I’ve been busy lately due to work and family etc and I have been going through 1300+ masquerade photos. I’ve done around 230 photos out of 1300 so far and they are uploaded on my Flickr page! I’ve also created a ‘collection’ album for all Ayacon 2011 photos on Flickr so it’s easier to find photos etc just click on this link ╰(°□°)╯

I know I am lagging behind but it’s going slowly at the moment but I will get all this done! And as usual, I will be adding some photos here when I have completed it all. And after I’ve done the masquerade photos I will be doing the Closing Ceromoney and the Performance Skit photos.