Just as the title says. It was my birthday yesterday and I am now 26 years old… though I still look young! It must be a asian thing lol. I don’t normally celebrate my birthday anymore but thank you to all my friends that sent me birthday messages on my Facebook!

And just to make one quick news. I’ve nearly completed my service price list and I’ve pretty much selected which companies I’m going use to do prints, create album books, canvas plus many more. They are all fantastic guys who I got to meet some of them at the last Focus On Imaging in Birmingham NEC Arena which I went to earlier this year and their products is great stuff! And I look forward to order from them!

That’s it! All the Ayacon photos finally finished at last! This has taken me over 1 month and 2 weeks to complete them all. I don’t normally take this long to go through the selecting and editing but a lot has been happening and I’m hoping next time I’ll be problem free the next time I do a photo shoot or at the next event.

Speaking of events the next one I’m hoping to go is the London Expo which is on October 28th-30th. I’m not 100% sure if I will be going to it since my car needs taking to the garage as it has some engine problems. I’ve not had a offical report yet but I’ve been told it’s gonna be very costly if it’s the worst case scenario.All Posts

But if I do manage to go to the Expo. I won’t be doing booking slots like I did at the last May Expo. It didn’t go down the way I planned, it’s a lot of work and I did come through few problems. So if you want a photo shoot, you’ll have to come find me or contact me.

So soon as I get the report from the garage the sooner I can find out if I will be coming to the London Expo or not.

That’s right it’s finally FINISHED!! I do apologize for taking ages on them, I’ve been busy with work and planning out my photography services which I am still working on! You’ll hear more on that soon~!

As usual you can find the photos in the gallery section and you can find the complete list of photos in my Flickr page! I will be working on the Sunday’s Closing Ceremony and the Sunday Night Live photos now. I promise I won’t take forever getting them done and ready again!