I’ve updated some of the prices in the Prints & Gifts page. And I have added a slide show at the bottom of that page to show samples of what the CD wallet and CD printed album looks like. For the printed CDs, I will send you a sample copy before I make the actual printed CD.

With the raffle prizes that I was meant to do at the Expo. I will be doing the raffle again at the next event. Doing the raffle online is proving difficult so I decided to scrap the online raffle idea. So I will be selling the prizes that I got now.

The small prize is selling for £10.00

The medium prize is selling for £15.00

The large prize is selling for £30.00

The prices include the prints and it’s free delivery! They will be Recorded delivery so they will need to be signed for when it arrives. I’ve only got one of each so once it’s gone, it’s gone! I can get more of these or similar on request if you are interested.

I’ve updated the list of events that I am planning to attend for 2012. These are the ones I know and been planning to attend to for quite a while. I may add more in future and there are probably some I never heard of. If there is an event that you wish for me to attend, let me know or get the event organizers to get in touch with me.

There are some marked down as *Confirmed* and *Unconfirmed*. The ‘confirmed’ means that I will be attending that event and the ‘unconfirmed’ means that I have not 100% decided to go yet or I am still arranging the booking space with the event organizers. Those will be updated when it gets closer to the dates of the events.

Ok sorry it took longer than I orignally said. First, my slow internet connection and now wordpress keeps crashing every time I try to update my website!

Some reason the photos aren’t in the correct order and I can’t fix that. Well I can but it takes too long! I may change the photos for a new watermark soon. If you want to buy prints and gifts, the price list is under the service page. Just send me a e-mail of which photos you want, they are all numbered and I will send you the invoice if you are paying online. If you wish to pay by cheque or postal order, please make it payable to ‘Akraru Photography’.

I’ve edited the photos by the way. It looks much better now!

I’ve added a new Prints & Gifts price list page under the Service page. There you can see what I can offer on event shoots and after events. If there is any thing else that you would like to see or ideas that will make a great gift, then let me know what it is and I will look into it for you!

I have finally created a new Facebook page for Akraru Photography at last! Now you can see and show all your friends and family of all the photos I have taken at the events you have been too. Make sure to check it out and help me by ‘Like’ my page! You can find the direct link to the Facebook page by clicking on the Link page above!

Ok I did say I was gonna be uploading photos last night but been having problems with the Internet connections and the upload speed is SUPER SLOW! I’ve already got my ISP to get it sorted today so I should hear back from them.

I’m currently looking around and finalizing prices for different size photo prints, gift ideas will be: key rings, fridge magnets and CD photo albums. Those will be ready soon.

Online payments will be done via PayPal. It’s fast, easy, secure and you don’t need a PayPal account to use it. All you need is a credit or debit card and a e-mail. There is a fee from PayPal which is 3.4% plus 20p service charge. This is what they have added, not me and I can not do anything about it. Other payment method is cheque sent via through the post to me. There is a wait of 7 days for the cheque to be cleared.

And lastly I now have a Facebook page for my photography business. I’ve already updated the ‘Links’ page above. Make sure you check it out and ‘Like’ it for me! I’ve also updated the ‘Events’ page as well, you can see what events I will be and maybe going to this year!

I will be doing another update soon!

Well Midland Comic Con is done for this year now. Had a really great time there. First of all, a big big BIG thank you to everyone that came for a photo shoot and a massive huge apologies for the long delay at the beginning! Had some problems with the printer at the start, it would not print the photos at all but a MCM photographer came to the rescue and help fixed it, so big thanks to him for helping me!

I’m currently transferring all the photos from my laptop to my main computer that I work on and after that I will be going through all the photos and prepare them for the website. Once that’s done you will be able to see all the photos that I have taken.

You will also be able to buy prints too. The 8″x6″ photo prints will be the same price. I will be adding a new page with prices, different size prints, photo frames, and gift items like key rings, fridge magnets etc. If there’s any thing else that you would like to buy that is not listed, please leave a suggestion in the comment box below, I will look it up and get some price quotes! I will hopefully add that new page some time tomorrow and the photos uploaded tonight!

Also at the Comic Con, because of all the hectic moments, I completely forgot to set up the raffle competition! I’m really sorry about that but you can still purchase raffle tickets! The prices for the 3 levels of the raffle prizes remain the same Small Raffle: 50p per ticket/ £2.00 for 5 tickets, Medium Raffle: £1.00 per ticket/£4.00 for 5 tickets and Large Raffle for £2.00 per ticket/£8.00 for 5 tickets. Postage and packaging will be free to the winners! I will announce the payment methods tomorrow!

Well MCM Midland Comic Con is just couple days away now, are you all excited?

Let’s start off with the good news.

I’ve managed to replace the photo frame for the ‘Small’ raffle and it’s much nicer too! I’ve added couple of photos showing the front and back. Sorry for the poor image quality, all my camera’s batteries are charging at the moment!


The prices for the ‘Small’ Raffle will still be the same: 50p per raffle or £2.00 for five raffles. All three raffle prizes will be colour coded, so you all don’t get confused or mixed up.

Now for the bad news.

Sadly I won’t be able to sell key rings at the Midland Comic Con due to the manufacturer that makes the pre-cut paper changed the dimensions of the border and it does not work with the gift making software. And there’s no time left to look for another supplier now BUT if you want to buy key rings, you can still order some after the event! I’ll be hoping to resolve this problem in time for the next event!

So that’s it for now. Hope you’re all ready and excited for the MCM Midland Comic Con this Saturday! See you all there!!!

I’ve got my new business cards ready for 2012! I get my business card made at Moo.com I’ve been using them for the past couple of years now and you get get different types/sizes of business cards AND you can add your own photos or images at the back. But if you haven’t got anything to add at the back, there are some ready made and you can select any. So I’ve got 800 of these card. Cost me around £75.00 that was including a discount too!

And In my last post I mention about doing a raffle prizes for my photoshoot at the Midland Expo. Well I got the frames now, well two out of the three. The ‘small’ prize, the frame broke so I’m gonna have to send that back and get another one or different one! But here they are, the ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’ prizes!!

In the last post I said the ‘medium’ prize has a ‘double’ print. Well they sold out of those so I got similar one but with three prints! Prices will be the same: £1.00 per raffle or £4.00 for 5x raffles tickets. This can be in portrait or landscape position and you can hang it up on a wall or place it on a evenly surface.

This is the ‘Large’ Prize of the raffle. You can add 4 photos in this frame (2 portrait and 2 landscape position). These frames are in a fixed position, so you can not change them. There’s a panel flap behind it so you can place it on a evenly surface. The raffle prices for these are; £2.00 per raffle ticket or £8.00 for 5x raffle tickets!

I’ve mention it on the last post but I will mention it again here. The prices for the 8″x6″ photos including strut mounts are £10.00 each or £25.00 for 3 photos. And the keyrings are £4.00 each or £10.00 for 3 keyrings! There will be a small charge per shoot and the maximum people I will take is 5 people. Any more will over crowd the shoot and make thing difficult to take photos. The charge is £5.00 per shoot which covers the studio fee and equipement hire etc. I will put the photos up in my gallery after the Expo too and you can still order photo gifts too!

If you got any questions, feel free to get in touch with me. You can find my contact details on the ‘contact’ page. Other than that, see you all at the Midland Expo!

Woooow I haven’t made a blog here since November last year!! I do apologies for being so silent. The MCM London Expo last October was hectic and amazing. Got the privilege to help out on the EuroCosplay Pre-Judging shoot, met nearly all of the representives. I think I’ve missed out one or two as I went down to shoot the Totally Cosplay Masquerade. All the representives were amazing and a huge congratz to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st winners and also to all the representives! Can’t wait for the next EuroCosplay competition! I’ve added all the photos of the MCM London Expo and the EuroCosplay photos are up on my Flickr page, I will be adding some here on the website soon. Here’s a direct link to the photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/akraruphotography/sets/72157627898811807/ also there was 2 or 3 representives we couldn’t get photos due to their size of their costumes. It was too big to get it in the photoshoot room. And at the masquerade we saw why http://www.flickr.com/photos/akraruphotography/sets/72157628067671330/

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and amazing New Year? I did! And couple of weeks ago I celebrated the Chinese New Year in Manchester! I didn’t get great photos I was hoping for and it was A LOT colder than last year too! Nothing I can do about that and hope for the best next year! I will be getting those photos sorted soon!

I’ve been planning to setup my own photography business since last year and now it’s finally happening! On 18th February at the MCM Midland Expo, I will be setting up my own mini photoshoot!! What you can expect is you get me as your photographer (when I’m available), you can instantly see the results on the large monitor AND you can get print service after the shoot! Since this is my first start, I will be keeping it simple. After the shoot you have a selection of a 8″ x 6″ photo print including strut mounts for £10.00 or £25.00 for 3x photos and a large keyring for £4.00 or £10.00 for 3 keyrings! If you do not want the strut mounts, there will be some photo frames for £5.00 each but they will be limited.

And I will be holding a raffle ticket competiton were you can win a FREE PRINT & AND FRAME!! There are 3 different sizes and types. The ‘small’ raffle is a 8″ x 6″ print & frame for 50p a ticket or £2.00 for 5x tickets. The ‘medium’ raffle is a double print & frame (one frame with two photos basically), they are £1.00 a ticket or £4.00 for 5x tickets and the ‘large’ raffle is a 4 photo frame, they are £2.00 a ticket or £8.00 for 5x tickets. I will get photos of the frames soon as they arrive and I will try announce the winners at the Expo and hand the prizes there but if I can’t due to time restraint or any other circumstances it will be done after the Expo and postage and packaging will be free!

And that’s it for now. More updates coming soon!