I was meant to blog this earlier but completely forgot about it.

As the title says, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I will not be attending the MCM Birmingham Expo now. I just couldn’t prepare for it in time so instead of rushing and panicking I’ve decided to cancel it off my event list this year but I will try to attend to it next year!

 The good news is that I will most definitely be attending the Kitacon IV event in Birmingham! And it is safe to say that I will be doing a photography studio shoot again but only in the evening. Opening hours hasn’t been confirmed yet and it will be open only for few hours and it will be a first come first served service. The days of the studio shoot is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will try get the opening hours a.s.a.p!

Prices will be the same as last time at the MCM Midland Comic Con. Studio fee is £5.00 per session of up to 5 people, £10.00 for 6 to 10 people. 8″ x 6″ photo prints are £10.00 each or £25.00 for three photos. I will be hoping to add more gifts/prints you can buy. Payment method is cash only at the moment but I am hoping to set up a card terminal device soon so I can take credit/debit card payments.

I will be adding the raffle ticket competition this time BUT if you don’t see it on display any where in the room because I forgot etc. Point it out to me and the first person that spots it, you can get 2x free raffle tickets of your selection!! The raffle ticket prices are: Small prize – 50p per ticket or £2.00 for 5x tickets. Medium Prize – £1.00 per ticket or £4.00 for 5x tickets. Large prize – £1.50 per ticket or £6.00 for 5x tickets.

Since the studio shoot will be in the evening. I will be doing some indoor/outdoor location shoot in the afternoon. Inside the hotel has some great places to shoot and outside the hotel has some lovely greenery location! I will be deciding soon if I will be doing a ‘first come first serve’ basics or arrange a ‘booking time slot’. I can confirm that this ‘on-location’ photo shoot will start at least around after 11:15am!

I’ve added a new page under the Galleries page called Photo Shoots.

This new page will contain all non studio works and the photos are taken from various places like conventions, Expos and on-location shoots etc.

The page has more details about it so go check it out!

I will be adding more photos to the page as I go along.

Also I have selected a new theme for the website. It does have a similar layout to the previous theme but I like to keep things nice and simple!

Ok I’ve finally got the new watermark ready and I’m currently going through ALL the photos that will be going on my website and Facebook page! It’s gonna be a lengthly process but I will get it done! I’ve done and uploaded the MCM Midland Comic Con 2012 photos. It’s all the same, just with a new watermark!

I will be updating some new prices again for the store page. Found new suppliers and I will be going to Focus On Imaging in Birmingham tomorrow. So I will probably also find new suppliers there too! For those who don’t know what Focus On Imaging is, it’s one of the largest photography event in Europe, held every once a year normally on the first week of March. This will be my 3rd time going!

Ok so I’m currently getting the new website ready. So far I’ve selected a new theme. Well it’s just the updated version of my old one so it’s a slight improvement but I will be looking around for a new one still.

Had to swap over to a ‘hosted’ version instead of using WordPress’s web host space. I couldn’t use plugins on the old site so there was no options to add a store page or a ‘shopping cart’. But with the hosted version I now can do that and you can currently see a ‘shopping cart’ on the right side of the website. I’ve not added the store page yet but I will be hoping to get it sorted by tonight or tomorrow!

Since I transfered over my website, all my images in the Gallery page is not there except for the Midland Expo 2012. I dunno why that has happen so I will be re-adding all of the photos soon!

I will be working on them bit by bit so you will see some changes on the website so please bear with me and hopefully the website will be completed soon!

May give the website a major or minor change soon, depending what’s there to offer! It’s been over a year when I first created the website and just over half a year when I finally started working on it!

Hoping to add a ‘Store’ page to making shopping easier instead of e-mailing me your orders.

And also in future I planning to accept card payments at events! This will save you the time and hassle of going to a cash machine when there’s a huge queue or when there is no cash left inside the cash machine! I’ve seen it happen and I know how it feels when you can’t get money out because of those two issues.

So those two are still in the works but hoping to get them done and sorted soon!