Well Kitacon 4 has come and gone. Wish I could say I had a fantastic time there but sadly it didn’t go well with me. Unfortunetly my photo shoot studio didn’t go well. I got delayed on setting up for Friday because the technicians haven’t finished setting up the P.A. systems in the panel rooms and my room for Friday night wasn’t finished until 15 minutes after the Open Ceremony. And it takes me around an hour to set up which was already past 9:00pm (I think) and had to take it all down nearly an hour later. And I had to do the same on Saturday and Sunday. Set up my studio and then take it down after 10:00pm. And since my studio time slot was in the evening, I missed the Masquerade, Kitacon Got Talent and the Closing Ceremony, which I was really gutted missing them all. I would say better luck next time but sadly there won’t be another Kitacon next year as they will be taking a break. But I look forward to whatever or whoever Con that will be taking over their month in 2013!

I am currently getting all the photos off my laptop and I will be starting editing them soon as they are ready. I will make another update and mention it on the Kitacon forums when they are done!

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