I first became interested in photography in my last year in high school in 2002. I used to buy the Maxx Spielmann ‘Wow Camera‘ for £5.99. But my passion for photography stopped when I started my studies in college. I did do a module in Photography but the spark never came back and it was only for couple of months.

It wasn’t until in 2007 when I finally got back into photography when I went to a camera shop with my friend. I bought a Kodak Easy Share Z612. It was ok at first but then I grew tired of it and searched for a new camera to buy. I then bought a Fujifilm FinePix S8100fd. And after 2 years of using that camera, I decided to go a step further and buy a DLSR! But it took me nearly a year deciding which DSLR to get as there was so many choices to chose from.

I finally bought my first DLSR which was the Nikon D5000. Only reason why I chosen that one was because of the screen since it can be flipped and twisted etc. But after owning it for a few months, I wanted a camera that could do more i.e. the high end camera like the Nikon D300s etc. But since that was out of my price range I got the Nikon D90 instead and sold the D5000.

And since then I have been progressing and developing my photography skills and loving every moment of it! I have never taken a Photography course in college or in university. I’ve learned by doing research through photography websites, reading books, watching videos on YouTube.com and asking other photographers for their help and advice. But I do have a BA(Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Design!

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