Hey everyone! Just got back from the MCM Midland Comic Con. Had a great weekend there minus the really bad weather. It was a nightmare getting to Telford! Thank you for all coming by to my studio to get your photos taking, buying prints and even to those having a look around! I’m gonna start working on the photos tomorrow (Monday 17th) and aim to get them done within a week (depending how much work needs doing).

My website really needs a updating and I’m hoping to get this all sorted out soon! I’ve mainly been active on my Facebook page where it is a lot easier for me to upload photo, making updates and announcements etc. My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/AkraruPhotography

I do not have a ‘shopping’ page ready but if you wish to buy prints or other items ie keyrings etc. This will be available soon as the photo is uploaded. Items and prices can be found on ‘After Event Prices’ under the ‘Service and Price’ page.

Photos from the Ayacon 2013 event is now up on my Facebook Page. Not uploaded all of them yet as I am editing them bit by bit!
You can view the photos by clicking on the link below!

Click Here~!

I will be adding some photos here on my website. I know I haven’t been on much on any of my photography accounts other than my FB Page
but once I have finished all the Ayacon photos, I will be focusing on updating all my photography accounts!

Hey all! Sorry to the late delays here on the website! Been really busy on the first week back from Expo, editing photo shoot on Saturday of the event which is now all done! (Well it, was done over a week ago now!) I’ve uploaded them all onto my Facebook page which you can get a direct link to the page by clicking on the photo below! (That’s one of the photos from the shoot btw!)

Now I got hit with some major delays last week and my computer had technical problems which turned out that my PC had a virus! My PC would boot up fine but I couldn’t do anything after that ie opening my software, my web browsers and even turning off the computer!! Got my bro to sort it out and fixed that problem but it was only after that when I finally realised that it was really the virus causing it when surfing the web was slow and it kept opening new tabs to a website. Did a full anti-virus scan which took ages, it finally got rid of the problem and I am now back in action!!

So because of the problems I got hit with delays but I am editing much as I can! So again, please bare with me!

Ok sorry it took longer than I orignally said. First, my slow internet connection and now wordpress keeps crashing every time I try to update my website!

Some reason the photos aren’t in the correct order and I can’t fix that. Well I can but it takes too long! I may change the photos for a new watermark soon. If you want to buy prints and gifts, the price list is under the service page. Just send me a e-mail of which photos you want, they are all numbered and I will send you the invoice if you are paying online. If you wish to pay by cheque or postal order, please make it payable to ‘Akraru Photography’.

I’ve edited the photos by the way. It looks much better now!

I’ve added a new Prints & Gifts price list page under the Service page. There you can see what I can offer on event shoots and after events. If there is any thing else that you would like to see or ideas that will make a great gift, then let me know what it is and I will look into it for you!

I have finally created a new Facebook page for Akraru Photography at last! Now you can see and show all your friends and family of all the photos I have taken at the events you have been too. Make sure to check it out and help me by ‘Like’ my page! You can find the direct link to the Facebook page by clicking on the Link page above!

Just as the title says. It was my birthday yesterday and I am now 26 years old… though I still look young! It must be a asian thing lol. I don’t normally celebrate my birthday anymore but thank you to all my friends that sent me birthday messages on my Facebook!

And just to make one quick news. I’ve nearly completed my service price list and I’ve pretty much selected which companies I’m going use to do prints, create album books, canvas plus many more. They are all fantastic guys who I got to meet some of them at the last Focus On Imaging in Birmingham NEC Arena which I went to earlier this year and their products is great stuff! And I look forward to order from them!

That’s right it’s finally FINISHED!! I do apologize for taking ages on them, I’ve been busy with work and planning out my photography services which I am still working on! You’ll hear more on that soon~!

As usual you can find the photos in the gallery section and you can find the complete list of photos in my Flickr page! I will be working on the Sunday’s Closing Ceremony and the Sunday Night Live photos now. I promise I won’t take forever getting them done and ready again!

Ok sorry for the long delay. I’ve been busy lately due to work and family etc and I have been going through 1300+ masquerade photos. I’ve done around 230 photos out of 1300 so far and they are uploaded on my Flickr page! I’ve also created a ‘collection’ album for all Ayacon 2011 photos on Flickr so it’s easier to find photos etc just click on this link ╰(°□°)╯

I know I am lagging behind but it’s going slowly at the moment but I will get all this done! And as usual, I will be adding some photos here when I have completed it all. And after I’ve done the masquerade photos I will be doing the Closing Ceromoney and the Performance Skit photos.

Ok all the photos from the Ayacon’s Photo Shoot is now done! You can most of them in the gallery section and you can see all the rest on my Flickr page!

If you want to buy photo prints or gifts etc then please contact me and I will send you a price list of what I can do!

Next up is the masquerade photos. That will take a little bit longer since I have taken over 1300+ photos for the masquerade. But I will get that done a.s.a.p! If you was in the masquerade then I will have a shots of each one that walked there.

Well day one of Ayacon is almost finished now, about 30 mins left of it from the time I’ve written this blog. I had trouble setting up my studio lights since I don’t have proper studio lights. I’ve got 2x Nikon SB-600 and I borrowing couple of studio flash lights from the committee. Which I am really grateful of them! But I had a lot of trouble setting them up and I was doing High-Key photography since I have a fabric backdrop and it was all creased up and it looked very bad on the shots. But with help from other photographers, I managed to get it done and in time for the photoshoots! But it was pretty quiet at the start so I took my camera off and was about to set of to do some shots outside but then I got some people that wanted a shoot so I had to connect every thing back together but it all went wrong again. Wasted over half hour trying to fix it and again I got help from the other photographers which again I am grateful of their help!

Even with having problems at the beginning, I still had a great time and it was some good experience doing some photography shoots! So now I’ve got tomorrow to do the photo shoots again and I have been told it will be a lot more busier!