Sorry for the big delays. As I’ve already mention about it in my last post! I’ve done the first half(ish) of the Sunday’s Photo shoot batch. I’ve already uploaded them onto my Facebook page. I’ll be working on the half a.s.a.p! If you click on the image below, that will take you directly to the album!

Just got back home from London couple of hours ago and WHAT a weekend that was! Had a fantastic time there meeting friends, making new ones, being at the event and taking photos! Just transfering all the photos from my laptop and onto my main computer. No idea what the total count of how many photos I’ve taken but it is A LOT! I will probably do a small update on this post later with the grand total number of shots.

As this is just a quick small blog. I will write up a full version after I’ve finished selecting and editing photos! Which maybe a while but please bear with me, I will get them done a.s.a.p!

ok, most of you guys are probably aware of the issue that’s going around regarding MCM Expo warning photographers of ‘paid photo shoot’ activity. Yeah it kinda sucks but I’m not gonna argue about it. And tbh, I thought it was ok as long as it’s outside and the being a Dealer is only for inside the main halls. And yes, I have read their T&Cs again. The rules are there, they didn’t just make it up all of a sudden.

Do I think this is a threat or a scare tactic to photographers? That’s up to you to decide but in my opinion. No, I don’t think so. I’ve had far worst than that. Yes, they ‘may’ have my name but they should already know me any ways since I was a Dealer at the Midland Expo.

But I don’t want to get into bad terms with MCM as I mention before, I used to be a Dealer from past Expo and I know quite a few staffs there and they are brilliant guys and gals! (And I maybe planning to be a Dealer again in the near future!) So I’m gonna play this by the book!

So what does this mean? Is the photo shoot cancelled? No, I’m not gonna cancel the shoots. I’ve planned hard for this and I’m not gonna waste this and let people down! So all my photo shoots slots will be FREE! All the rules and details are still the same and still upto 1 hour per session. There are 5 slots left!! If you are interested just click on the link which goes to my dA page if you have a dA account, leave a comment there of which slot you want but if you don’t have one then just message me on my FB page! (I will update details on my dA a.s.a.p!)

Hey sorry for lack of updates again! Been a hectic month lately and I just lost track of things.

So last weekend (18th-19th August) was the first Brony UK Con which was held at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, UK. The venue itself was really nice and it’s not far from the City Centre and overall from my point of view, the event itself was a success and I can see it coming back again next year. The amazing part of the convention probably has to be the Charity Auction. The amount of people going crazy bidding during the auction was mind blowing! They managed to raise £2029.01 in total! And all 100% of it will be going to their selected charity.

And as for the photos, the studio shoot and I also took some photos outside of my studio. I will be going through those soon and if you head to my Facebook Page, that’s where I will be uploading the photos first and then onto my website and my Flickr page!

For those I took photos of and you wish to purchase more prints or any thing else (soon as they are uploaded). You can do so by clicking or just hover your mouse over the ‘Services & Prices’ and it’s on the ‘Event Price List’. There you can see what I can offer that you can’t get during the event and a list of the prices! I do not have a proper ‘shopping cart’ available yet on my website as the one I tried to use didn’t work the way I wanted it to. So instead, send me a e-mail to: with details of which event, name of the image (all images has a unique indiviual name and number), what do you want and how many etc.

Ok sorry it took this long to get the photos from Kitacon IV on my website. One thing lead to another and got it delayed. And just when I tried to upload them a while back, it didn’t work and I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out and I just gave up! But I’ve found out that I could only upload a certain amount of photos onto a album! So that was done and I’ve uploaded the rest of the photos.

Now that’s done I’ll be writing up a full blog about the MCM London Expo May 2012!

Well that’s the MCM London Expo done now. Had one fun and amazing weekend and it was scorching hot too! The weather was perfect for photo shoots, well it was a bit too sunny but still had a fun though. It’s been nearly a month since I last did something on my website. Just been really busy getting ready for the London Expo and future photo shoot. I’ll announce about those future event soon!

I’ll be adding the Kitacon photos on my website soon. Tried to upload them last month but it wasn’t working properly but I think I know what the problem is, so I’ll be giving it another shot in a bit. You can see those Kitacon and MCM London Expo photos on my Facebook page and on my Flickr page too! You can get direct links to them both under the ‘links’ page button above!

I’ll probably will do a full blog about the MCM London Expo soon. I’ve still got the MCM London Expo masquerade to do, so I’ll start soon as that done!

There’s just over 2 weeks left till the MCM London Expo! Hope you’re all ready and excited!

I will be offering my services again for this London Expo BUT I will not be doing a studio shoot and a print service like I did at the Midland Expo.

Instead I will be doing a time slot booking on Saturday and Sunday and if you book one of the slots, I will spend up to 1 hour with you or your group doing location shoots around the ExCel Center! All for £5.00 per slot!

And after the shoot, I can show you all the photos taken and from there you can select which photos you want to print. Which I will edit and print after the Expo.

I dunno how many of you have wordpress accounts but to make it easier for you to communicate with me, please go to my Facebook page for more details about the photo shoot. I know most of you will have a Facebook account!

You can find my Facebook page under the ‘Links’ button above. And if you haven’t already, go ‘Like’ my page!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Easter Monday! So just few more days left till Kitacon~!! This will probably be my last update for Kitacon now.

As I mention in my last post I was gonna announce about how I am gonna do the time-table for the outdoor/on-location shoots. Well here it is!

This will be a ‘first come, first serve’ time slot. The shoots are up to 1 hour. This gives us enough time to meet up, have a lil chat about yourself or your group and the costume etc. The shoot can end earlier if you want to or if I got plenty of shots etc. If you wish to purchase photos it will be done after the shoot. I will try print them on the same day. If not, A.S.A.P! Payments will be taken after your shoot. Please have the correct amount of money as I will be carrying short amount of change on me.


No official time here since most of the afternoon everyone will be queuing up to get their Con badges. And I have no idea when I will get mine too. So I won’t be doing any shoots until I get my Con badge. You can give me a call or text to find out if I am available my mobile number is on the contact page. I can tell you that I won’t be doing any shoots after 4:30pm as I will be getting myself ready for the Opening Ceremony. But my studio will be open around 1 hour after the ceremony is finished!











To book a slot you can either comment here on the website, Facebook or via e-mail. Just say which day and which time you want. I will update this much as I can to show what slots are available.

This is the price list for Kitacon.

Studio fee: £5.00 for up to 5 people / £10.00 for up to 10 people.

8″ x 10″ Prints: £10.00 per print or £25.00 for 3 prints.

6″ x 4″ Prints: £4.00 per print. These are limited so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Method of payment is cash only. Couldn’t get the card payment device in time sadly. But if you have a smart phone like iPhone or Android phones etc. You can download the PayPal app and pay via PayPal! The app is free too! I’ve used it quite a few times and it works well when I’m not in front of my computer!

Just ONE WEEK left till Kitacon IV!!! Who’s going? Who’s excited?
As most of you know, Kitacon announced their timetable for the event.

It took me a bit to find myself on the timetable lol. So I’ll type it here. On Friday, I will be at the Cambridge room at 6:30pm about an hour after the opening ceremony.

Saturday at 7:00pm at the Adren room. And on Sunday it’s same again, 7:00pm at the Adren room. Remember, I’m only open for few hours.

Btw, I have no idea where these room are as I’ve only been to Kitacon once (last year) and I had a hard time looking for the rooms. But I will check it out where it is, you can call or text me for directions OR you can ask the hotel staff where the rooms are.

It will be the same like Midland Expo if anyone went and got photos taken by me. (I will be more organized this time!) But for those who haven’t. it will be a simple photo shoot, after the shoot is done you can see all the photos after the event and you can buy prints after if you wish. Prints will be done on the spot and it takes less than a minute to print. So there is no long waiting for your photos!

I will be taking on photo shoots during the afternoon. I will make another announcement about it with the plan and timetable etc.

I was meant to blog this earlier but completely forgot about it.

As the title says, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I will not be attending the MCM Birmingham Expo now. I just couldn’t prepare for it in time so instead of rushing and panicking I’ve decided to cancel it off my event list this year but I will try to attend to it next year!

 The good news is that I will most definitely be attending the Kitacon IV event in Birmingham! And it is safe to say that I will be doing a photography studio shoot again but only in the evening. Opening hours hasn’t been confirmed yet and it will be open only for few hours and it will be a first come first served service. The days of the studio shoot is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will try get the opening hours a.s.a.p!

Prices will be the same as last time at the MCM Midland Comic Con. Studio fee is £5.00 per session of up to 5 people, £10.00 for 6 to 10 people. 8″ x 6″ photo prints are £10.00 each or £25.00 for three photos. I will be hoping to add more gifts/prints you can buy. Payment method is cash only at the moment but I am hoping to set up a card terminal device soon so I can take credit/debit card payments.

I will be adding the raffle ticket competition this time BUT if you don’t see it on display any where in the room because I forgot etc. Point it out to me and the first person that spots it, you can get 2x free raffle tickets of your selection!! The raffle ticket prices are: Small prize – 50p per ticket or £2.00 for 5x tickets. Medium Prize – £1.00 per ticket or £4.00 for 5x tickets. Large prize – £1.50 per ticket or £6.00 for 5x tickets.

Since the studio shoot will be in the evening. I will be doing some indoor/outdoor location shoot in the afternoon. Inside the hotel has some great places to shoot and outside the hotel has some lovely greenery location! I will be deciding soon if I will be doing a ‘first come first serve’ basics or arrange a ‘booking time slot’. I can confirm that this ‘on-location’ photo shoot will start at least around after 11:15am!