Sorry for the big delays. As I’ve already mention about it in my last post! I’ve done the first half(ish) of the Sunday’s Photo shoot batch. I’ve already uploaded them onto my Facebook page. I’ll be working on the half a.s.a.p! If you click on the image below, that will take you directly to the album!

Hey sorry for lack of updates again! Been a hectic month lately and I just lost track of things.

So last weekend (18th-19th August) was the first Brony UK Con which was held at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, UK. The venue itself was really nice and it’s not far from the City Centre and overall from my point of view, the event itself was a success and I can see it coming back again next year. The amazing part of the convention probably has to be the Charity Auction. The amount of people going crazy bidding during the auction was mind blowing! They managed to raise £2029.01 in total! And all 100% of it will be going to their selected charity.

And as for the photos, the studio shoot and I also took some photos outside of my studio. I will be going through those soon and if you head to my Facebook Page, that’s where I will be uploading the photos first and then onto my website and my Flickr page!

For those I took photos of and you wish to purchase more prints or any thing else (soon as they are uploaded). You can do so by clicking or just hover your mouse over the ‘Services & Prices’ and it’s on the ‘Event Price List’. There you can see what I can offer that you can’t get during the event and a list of the prices! I do not have a proper ‘shopping cart’ available yet on my website as the one I tried to use didn’t work the way I wanted it to. So instead, send me a e-mail to: with details of which event, name of the image (all images has a unique indiviual name and number), what do you want and how many etc.

Well that’s another convention done for the weekend! It has been quite an adventure. To start off, I only had around 2 hour sleep. Went to bed around 1:20am and set my alarm to wake me up at 3:40am. Normally I would sleep a lot earlier to get ready but I didn’t get back from work till 11:30pm and I had to finish charging my last set of batteries. Had to pack all my stuff without making too much noise and then pick up my assistant, Kairi Mori.

We setted off to Lincoln from Wrexham after 5:00am but wasted over half an hour TRYING to leave Wrexham because the SatNav hasn’t been updated and there are some new roads which the SatNav doesn’t recognize. I had no idea where we were but we ended up driving through a lot of country roads and narrow roads. Went we got out of that the SatNav seemed like it was gonna take us the right looking way but only ended up going to a road which has been closed and the SatNav kept insisting to drive through the closed road. In the end I gave up listening to it and decided to head towards Chester and drive on the M56 instead. THAT was the route I thought the SatNav would take me, but it didn’t. In total, nearly an hour has been wasted.

Things was going smoothly but the M62 had a 50mph zone since there are some road works going on which I had no idea how long it went on for, that delayed our trip by about 10 minutes. While driving on the A1 Southbound (Ithink), we saw a Little Chef on the oppositie side BUT it was one of new update versions done by Heston Blumenthal! We both decided that we eat there on the way home!

I was hoping to get there around 8:00am but we eventually got there around 8:25am. Not bad timing after all that delays and detours I took. Had to check to make sure if we was at the right Church by checking their website on my mobile phone but looking inside and seeing some cosplayer around pretty much confirms that we’re at the right place. So after quick instructions from the organizers, we brought our stuff inside and setted up the studio. I drank one of those ‘power energy’ drink shots when I woke up and while I was moving some stuff around I started to feel abit slow and tired. The shot effects started to wear off but I was surprised that it did lasted around 5 hours as it said on the discription!

So after setting up the studio, I setted up the camera, laptop and printer but I had some technical issues. First I couldn’t print from Lightroom, I can send it to print but the printer doesn’t print the photo even though it has received the printing job. I was hoping to use LR since I can tether shoot (the ability to take photos and get it sent to your computer straight instantly instead of the normal way like the cardreader etc) and you can print from LR too. If you don’t understand that, just type in ‘Lightroom tethering and print’ on YouTube. Instead I had to use a tethering software and use Photoshop to print photos. To me, that’s the long way of doing the job.

After all that fixing the issues and doing some test shots. I was ready to open! But apologies for the delay..! Normally my style of studio shoot is ‘high-key’ photos (that’s having the background blown bright white/light) but due to the space needed and the time wasted in trial and error. I’ve decided to go for a 2 light setup, 1 flash light at the back to give out a nice high-lights behind the models and 1 flash light with a shoot through umbrella to light the model at the front. The results is amazing! But I wish I had a grey or black backdrop instead of white.

I’ll be going through the photos again and I will upload the photos on my website, Flickr and Facebook page a.s.a.p!

Thank you all for coming to get your photos taken. Next stop is the MCM Manchester Comic Con Expo!

I’ve added a new page under the Galleries page called Photo Shoots.

This new page will contain all non studio works and the photos are taken from various places like conventions, Expos and on-location shoots etc.

The page has more details about it so go check it out!

I will be adding more photos to the page as I go along.

Also I have selected a new theme for the website. It does have a similar layout to the previous theme but I like to keep things nice and simple!

May give the website a major or minor change soon, depending what’s there to offer! It’s been over a year when I first created the website and just over half a year when I finally started working on it!

Hoping to add a ‘Store’ page to making shopping easier instead of e-mailing me your orders.

And also in future I planning to accept card payments at events! This will save you the time and hassle of going to a cash machine when there’s a huge queue or when there is no cash left inside the cash machine! I’ve seen it happen and I know how it feels when you can’t get money out because of those two issues.

So those two are still in the works but hoping to get them done and sorted soon!

I’ve updated some of the prices in the Prints & Gifts page. And I have added a slide show at the bottom of that page to show samples of what the CD wallet and CD printed album looks like. For the printed CDs, I will send you a sample copy before I make the actual printed CD.

With the raffle prizes that I was meant to do at the Expo. I will be doing the raffle again at the next event. Doing the raffle online is proving difficult so I decided to scrap the online raffle idea. So I will be selling the prizes that I got now.

The small prize is selling for £10.00

The medium prize is selling for £15.00

The large prize is selling for £30.00

The prices include the prints and it’s free delivery! They will be Recorded delivery so they will need to be signed for when it arrives. I’ve only got one of each so once it’s gone, it’s gone! I can get more of these or similar on request if you are interested.

I’ve updated the list of events that I am planning to attend for 2012. These are the ones I know and been planning to attend to for quite a while. I may add more in future and there are probably some I never heard of. If there is an event that you wish for me to attend, let me know or get the event organizers to get in touch with me.

There are some marked down as *Confirmed* and *Unconfirmed*. The ‘confirmed’ means that I will be attending that event and the ‘unconfirmed’ means that I have not 100% decided to go yet or I am still arranging the booking space with the event organizers. Those will be updated when it gets closer to the dates of the events.

Ok I did say I was gonna be uploading photos last night but been having problems with the Internet connections and the upload speed is SUPER SLOW! I’ve already got my ISP to get it sorted today so I should hear back from them.

I’m currently looking around and finalizing prices for different size photo prints, gift ideas will be: key rings, fridge magnets and CD photo albums. Those will be ready soon.

Online payments will be done via PayPal. It’s fast, easy, secure and you don’t need a PayPal account to use it. All you need is a credit or debit card and a e-mail. There is a fee from PayPal which is 3.4% plus 20p service charge. This is what they have added, not me and I can not do anything about it. Other payment method is cheque sent via through the post to me. There is a wait of 7 days for the cheque to be cleared.

And lastly I now have a Facebook page for my photography business. I’ve already updated the ‘Links’ page above. Make sure you check it out and ‘Like’ it for me! I’ve also updated the ‘Events’ page as well, you can see what events I will be and maybe going to this year!

I will be doing another update soon!

Well that was a fun, interesting Expo! And quite tiring one too but I think it was because I only had less than few hours sleep. I was up pretty late as I forgot to charge my batteries for my flash guns and I have 5 sets of 4x AA batteries! That’s 20 AA batteries in total btw! I woke at 5:00am, got the 06:13am train to Manchester Oxford Road and got there in Manchester just after 7:00am! I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and inside at the counter I saw Lauzy-Jayne and Koutetsucosplaying as Barnaby and Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny. I walked up to Lauzy-Jayne from behind and gave her a gentle hug lol! It didn’t surprise her to tell you the truth, it’s like she was expecting it any time and wanting it and there was Silzeron the opposite side! It was great seeing them lot again specially Lauzy-Jayne as she lives in Birmingham and Koutetsu lives in London! We just chilled and relax while eating our breakfast and catching up on time! We headed off to the G-Mex Center (which btw is the old name of the building, I cba typing it’s new name. It’s too long…) and we got there after 8:00am and there was a small queue, probably around 50 or so people already there.

When I eventually got inside the Expo space was pretty damn small.. the Midland Expo is a lot bigger but being it’s the first Manchester Expo I think they were playing it safe. It is pretty damn expensive hiring hall space and it was only a 1 day event. It got really crowded later in the afternoon and it was really really difficult to walk around the place and if I knew it was gonna be like this, I would seriously not recommeded any to come if they were bringing their pram, people with walking problems ie walking stick, wheel chairs etc. It was hard for me since I had a large camera bag and a monopod attached to the side. Luckly I already walked around checking out the place before it got really crowded so I already know where I want to walk to.

Most of the time I just hanging around at the DDR:UK and the cosplay desk. I saw Street-Angel there as she was helping out for anyone that needs questions about the cosplay, masquerade and anyone with costume fixing/repairing. And she was one of the two cosplay judges which was her first time and I think she did a fantastic job! She and the other judge did the pre-judging of the cosplayer’s costume and judging everybody that entered the masquerade. It’s a fun and exciting job to do but it can also be nerve recking but shes being doing this a lot now so shes got experience under the belt!

I think it was around after 2:30pm where I went to the side of the stage area checking out the area to look for a spot to sit for the masquerade. I saw Firefox23111981 at the center of the seating area. We was watching the Anjli Mohindra talk. She played as Anjli Mohindra in the Sarah Jane Adventures. After her talk was finished me and Firefox23111981 just chatted about the shots we got so far and deciding where to sit for the masquerade. We decided that one pick either side so I picked the left side of the stage and he took the right. I tried not to get too close to the stage as I don’t have a lens wide enough to be up close. The widest I got is 28mm. And I tried not to leave a big gap between me and the stage as I wanted to get good shots without anyone in front of me, luckly there was only couple of small children in front of me so it was ok. But after the masquerade I think I should sit on the chair next time as I was too low for the shots, I didn’t had a lot of space to stretch my legs and my ass was getting numb!

So after the masquerade I did more photoshoots with the Sailor Moon group which had Street-Angel as Sailor Pluto (I think), Cheetosftw as Sailor Uranus and Navigatorxnami as Sailor Neptune (I hope I got that right, I’ve not watched it since I was a lil kid!) And after that most of we went to Street-Angel’s hotel room at the Novotel which I must say it’s a pretty damn nice room! They got changed and we went to town to get some thing to eat. We thought buffet was a good idea and I recommended two buffets, the City Buffet or the China Buffet. We ended up in China Buffet which I regret because the place was small, there are no open windows or ventilation so it was really hot and stuffy because of the food heaters and our table was right next to it. I think me and Berserk667 ate the same amount of food. I ate three plates but he had more food on his two place but I had ice cream for dessert!

So after the meal we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Mystcb for a drink. I still kept thinking how nice the hotel is lol. So we all sat there catching up and gave in our thoughts about the Manchester Expo. And for the lulz me, Mystcb and Kagen-No-Tsuki got our driving licences out and I held all three together to combine them into the asian driving licence group! There was a commotion going on near the reception area and we thought it was few people messing about, trying to run away from their friends. But it turned out that it was one or two guys running away, being chased down and getting beaten up. Couple of the guest was nearby and ran away. Luckly it didn’t last very long and the bullies ran away. It took a while for the police to come down. We was pretty shocked to see that and it’s been a while since I last saw a fight like that. The manager came up to us later and apologies to us about it. We just shrugged it off and said it was fine. It’s a Saturday night in Manchester, it’s bound to happen!

Me, Berserk667 and kagen-no-tsuki couldn’t stick around through the night as we need to get our trains back home! So we bid them our farewells and dashed to Manchester Oxford Road Station. It was sad to leave them but I will be seeing them all again at the Ayacon in couple of weeks!

So overall I think the Manchester Expo turned out ok. Had a great time with all my friends. It would be much better if they get more space at next Manchester Expo! That’s the only bad points I can think of. I will be going through the edting of my photos soon and upload them on my Flickr account first and then onto my dA account and onto my new website here! Thanks for reading and see you next time!